Ky Wojciechowski Julian

I'm a researcher, writer, and designer committed to making information easier to use.


Interviewed stakeholders across the university to learn how data related to recruitment, applications, and student events are currently managed to facilitate data-informed decision-making during implementation of the Slate CRM tool.

Role: UX Researcher

Timeline: Oct. 2017 – May 2019


Between October 2017 and May 2019, I worked as a UX research intern with the Office of Enrollment Management’s Slate implementation team. I conducted dozens of contextual interviews with stakeholders across the university about how data related to recruitment, applications, and student events are currently managed. Then, in most cases, I mapped how information flows between departments and offices, providing the implementation team a clear visualization from which to base subsequent administrative decisions about how the Slate tool should be configured.


Here, I’ll describe one advisory project I did in January 2018: I created a swimlane diagram to visualize how information was received, altered, and sent between departments and offices during the planning and execution of an admitted student event.


I conducted a contextual interview with an OUA (Office of Undergraduate Admissions) senior recruitment coordinator. Following a semi-structured protocol, I learned about the event logistics, especially

  • how students and their families register for and get information about the event and
  • how OUA works with academic units and Conferences & Events Services to plan and host the event.

In cases where the coordinator was unsure about the details of the planning and execution processes, I followed up with others to fill in the gaps.


I presented the following swimlane diagram to the Slate implementation team, and it was used as a visualization of the current planning and execution process for this admitted student event: a baseline for how those processes could be simplified, performed completely within Slate.

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